A new take on the travelogue format, Get Out focuses on the finer side of destination adventures. By day, Misty and Lindsay lead the Get Out team on high-end excursions without ignoring off-the-beaten-path adventures that highlight each country's unique character. By night, the show takes viewers past the velvet rope to revel inside the hottest nightclubs around the world.

The Get Out team is on a mission to capture the coolest spots on the planet. From nature to nightlife, Get Out gets you there. So catch some rays - and crash parties - with television's hottest travel experience.


Lindsay Clubine

Growing up on a quaint Missouri farm, Lindsay Clubine longed for more and knew she was destined to Get Out. Eventually opportunity and adventure lead Lindsay to Kansas City, then to Chicago, and then Miami before finally guiding this budding star to New York.

But even the Big Apple couldn't contain Lindsay's dynamic spirit. Determined to turn the world into her playground, Lindsay tours the globe as the host of Get Out! sharing some of the planet's best-kept secrets with viewers across the country.

At the end of her off-the-beaten-path excursions Lindsay returns to her modeling career in New York City, routinely appearing in swimwear catalogues, magazine spreads, and music videos.

Camille Anderson

If you recognize Camille, it's because you've seen her on the cover of Stuff Magazine, or inside the pages of Men's Edge, FHM, Ralph, Loaded, and Razor, to name a few. You also saw her in the hit summer movie "Wedding Crashers."

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in broadcast journalism, Camille jumped full-fledged into the world of producing with jobs at MTV, Fox News, and Dateline NBC. With a knack for producing and a desire to develop her acting and hosting skills, she began landing roles in front of the camera. And now, you can't pick up a magazine without spotting her!

As the new host of "Get Out," Camille brings her big Texas charm and girl-next door attitude to all her adventures around the world.

Misty Rice

If Misty looks familiar maybe that's because of her featured role in numerous national commercials (Kohls, Wendy's, and 7-UP to name a few). Or maybe it's because of her stint on the daytime drama Guiding Light. Or maybe that familiarity is a reflection of Misty's girl-next-door quality that comes from growing up in Texas.

As the host of Get Out! Misty shares her travel adventures from around the world with a wide-range of viewers, but when this gracious globe trotter returns to her home in Miami it's her family that receives star treatment.


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